Re-do Your Bathroom on a Budget


Inexpensive Ways to Re-do Your Bathroom

Getting your bathroom refurbished on a small budget is a wonderful project for a single person, a family, or even a group of roommates. This might be something needed to make the space yours after a major life event or after moving in somewhere new. It can take as little as a day or take several weeks.

There is no right or wrong way to do a bathroom makeover – the goal is to create a more relaxing space that reflects your personality and makes you feel at ease. First, decide on a set of colors you want to use to make things easier. It might be a color that complements a painting you were gifted, your favorite color, or how you want your complexion highlighted. Then we can look at the major components of the typical bathroom and how we can work with them.

The Bath Tub/Shower Stall

Some older apartments still have a cast-iron claw-foot tub. These are quite roomy and have that bulky look for a reason – they’re HUGE! This makes them nice for long soaks as they stay warmer longer, and they are great for bubble baths, too,  because of the extra surface area. The problem is that sometimes the outside of a cast-iron tub can start to rust. The simple run-down of such tubs? Sanding, priming, and repainting. Such a large piece can provide a nice area for your creativity. Two-tone makes a bold statement, with the interior harboring a third color.

Shower stalls can get spruced up with decorative trims instead, with borders and accents playing a large role. Opt for classy-looking non-slip mats to keep things safe. Replacing metal fixtures can switch the look from gaudy gold to classic brass or pewter. Just make sure that fixtures are tautly connected.

The  Bathroom Sink

Where you wash your hands and face, brush your teeth and grab a sip of water when you’re in a rush cannot be excluded in your bathroom makeover. Does yours have a countertop? If not, is there space around the sink where you could install one? Even a smaller-sized pedestal sink can have a custom cabinet and countertop built around it for very little. You can update existing ones with a new vinyl backsplash or the installation of ceramic tiles in contrasting colors. A new countertop itself isn’t required.

Another way you can update a sink is by changing out the faucet, the handles, and the drain cover. Changing out a drain cover that slides into the drain can seem a little tricky, but it’s simple after reading the directions.

The Floor

Your bathroom floor might need to be done in sections to continue using the bathroom. Wood flooring can benefit from an epoxy coating and then topped off with small rugs. Other flooring types might need deep cleaning and touch-ups. Remodeling jobs that include the floor don’t come out well with smaller budgets.

The Bathroom Window

Letting in as much light as possible while protecting your privacy and preserving your modesty seems contradictory for a bathroom. However, unless there are overhanging windows from a neighbor, you might consider cafe curtains. These cover only the bottom section of the window,  leaving the upper part bare.

The Toilet

No bathroom would be complete without the toilet. Basic white is always a given, but a different color can make your bathroom look extravagant. If this is what you’ve wanted, then this is the focal point you need. Otherwise, look at natural materials in shelving and cabinetry to place above and on either side (or both) of the toilet. Plants can also make the humble toilet seem cleaner and almost elegant.

One Final Thought

Re-doing your bathroom can become an ongoing project, so take your time and get results that will make you happy. Some areas, like walls or flooring, can cause the cost of your project to skyrocket. It might not seem like much, but building materials come at a premium. Skilled labor is the best route to ensure that the materials are handled and installed correctly. Smaller projects, like curtains and floor coverings, can fit into almost any budget.

Shabby chic is here to stay, and antiques are making a comeback, so don’t forget to think twice before forgoing offers from relatives regarding such things when they offer. These can help reduce costs while making your bathroom unique to you.