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Is It Cheaper To Build An Addition Up Or Out?


Building Up Vs. Building Out If your home is in the perfect location but is not the perfect size, you are most likely thinking about building an addition. The two options you have are either building up or out on your existing home. While cost is always a consideration for a project of this size, […]

5 Remodeling Ideas that Cut Energy Costs


5 Energy Efficient Remodeling Ideas With a looming energy crisis worldwide, homeowners need to settle on effective remodeling solutions that reduce power consumption. This is because energy conservation is not only beneficial to the environment but also saves you a considerable amount of money. Thankfully, there are numerous effective home renovations tactics suitable for all […]

Remodeling Impact Report 


The Value of Remodeling Remodeling sounds like a normal thing in Tampa bay. However, remodeling can have a massive impact on your home’s value and improve the quality of the house. Some specific remodeling projects have the most significant impact on the entire home value. Even a simple project like installing a brand new steel […]

15 Mistakes that New Homeowners Make


15 Major Mistakes to Avoid as a New Homeowner Elation is an understatement when it comes to buying your own place. Despite the thrill, revamping is far more complex than what most people presume. To make it less complicated, here are common mistakes that new homeowners make and you should avoid. Costly Mistakes to Avoid […]

Lower Your Energy Bill with these 5 Remodeling Ideas


5 Home Renovations that will Lower your Energy Bill Is your energy bill higher than you want it to be? If so, you should consider making some changes around your home to lower your bill. Reducing energy consumption can be simple with a few modern updates. Some of the most influential updates include replacing older […]