Why A Room Addition Is Exactly What Your Home Needs


Room addition has become a popular trend in recent years—and with good reason. Aside from providing more room for your growing family, room additions also add functionality to spaces.

Do you need a utility room for specific activities, fitness equipment, musical equipment, kid’s toys, clothing, and the list? A room addition is an excellent option for homeowners to make their forever home exactly the way they want it, with the added benefit of staying in one place.

Here are six compelling reasons you need a room addition

  1. Added Home Value

Adding a room will meet your current needs and add value to the home. An extra room means extra square feet. The value of a home is calculated based on the square feet on which it is built. For this reason, a room addition is a smart way of investing while reaping the benefits of a spacious house that serves your current needs.




  1. It’s Cheaper

Let’s say your family is growing, but the rooms remain the same. A baby could be on the way, or you could be expecting your in-laws or parents to move into your home. Buying a home or moving to a bigger house is the best solution but wait a minute! Would you let go of your fond memories and your neighborhood so easily? Buying a home is more costly while moving out would cost much, with the added costs linked to losing some items or breakages during the transition.

  1. Consistency and Stability

Besides your family, your neighborhood is as important as your space. For instance, if your area has security and social amenities nearby, you need not pack your bags. Suppose your family members keep increasing, would you keep moving or buying homes? Moving will necessitate a change of schools for your children and swapping jobs for you. Adjustments to new places and friendships are challenges that an additional room would avert.

  1. Short Waiting Time

A room addition is a quick fix when more space is needed as fast as possible. For example, if you need an office for your new job or a room for a sick person. On average, it takes four to twelve months to buy a home and six weeks to add a room to your home. Six weeks is inclusive of architectural design to completion and interior decoration. A room addition is also straightforward and less hassle. You’ll enjoy your space in a couple of weeks.




  1. Utilization of Unused Space

Do you have extra space that’s unutilized? That could be because you have enough of what a decent family needs; a living room, dining area, bedrooms, laundry, kitchen, and bathrooms. You can be more creative and make that space more useful. Make a big room for entertainment, extend your balcony or even a playroom for your children. Let no space be wasted by creating an extra room.

  1. Chance to Redesign

With room addition, you can design the room according to your tastes and preference. You decide on the size and style, the colors, and the exact place for its construction. It is fun to be your own architect. You are sure of exactly what you want. On the contrary, buying homes is predetermined, and you will incur additional costs for any change.

A new room is all you need for all your limited space challenges. It is a convenient and affordable solution that does not disrupt your schedules or comfort. It is far better than buying a home or moving to a new and unfamiliar location.

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