Remodeling Impact Report 


The Value of Remodeling

Remodeling sounds like a normal thing in Tampa bay. However, remodeling can have a massive impact on your home’s value and improve the quality of the house. Some specific remodeling projects have the most significant impact on the entire home value. Even a simple project like installing a brand new steel door might sound ridiculous. However, it can be one of the most financially savviest home remodeling projects, and you will recoup almost 97% of the installation cost when your home finally sells. This remodeling impact report highlights some of the most valuable home remodelings that can increase the value of any home throughout Tampa Bay.

Bathroom Remodeling 

The average cost of bathroom remodeling in Tampa Bay is around $155,365. The price includes the cost of updating a 5 by 7-foot bathroom.  You are likely to pay up to $50 per square floor for a stylish bathroom floor remodel. Bathroom remodeling cost further includes replacing faulty bathroom fixtures such as sinks, showers, your standard toilet, and installing a new tile floor.  Bathroom remodeling can have a 74% return on investment.

 Basement Remodeling 

Basement renovating might sound like a fancy home remodeling idea. Buyers all over Tampa Bay are, however, impressed by remodeled basements. The average cost of remodeling a 20 by 30 ft. basement area is $62,000. Remodeled basements also serve as additional living space. Your home value will shoot drastically after remodeling your basement. It is a remodeling project that will have a 76.6% return on investment.

Turning your Garage into Extra Living Space 

Converting your dusty and redundant garage offers a great way of increasing the value of your home by the virtual of creating more living space. Consider transforming the interior into a precious living space. Homebuyers are impressed by such areas since they can house their guests or keep their valuables. While transforming your outdated and unused garage, don’t forget to install sliding glass doors and a vast skylight to provide additional space while drawing in more light to make the area look warm and inviting. Garage renovating can cost approximately $49,438 in most places across Tampa Bay. The cost also includes remodeling the garage floor at the cost of $5 per sq. foot.   A classic garage door will cost around $500 to $800. The cost of remodeling will have an 85% return on investment.

Wood Deck Installation 

Buyers in Tampa Bay want a home with a deck to catch the beautiful panoramic views of Florida’s Gulf Coast.  The cost of installing a 15×20 ft. wood deck costs around $9,539.  Buyers view a home with a deck as excellent, thanks to the deck’s outdoor space.   Tampa Bay’s economy is flourishing, and outdoor spaces are becoming popular among home buyers.  A wood deck can have an 87.4% return on investment.

 Two-story Addition

Add two floors to your home, whereby the first floor will work as a family room while the second one should serve as a visitor room when you are hosting some guest in your home. The cost of adding two floors to your home is about $155,365. But this addition will have not less than 80% return on investment.

Wood Windows Replacement

New windows look stylish and sharp. They also help insulate your home better hence helping to make your home energy efficient. The cost of replacing wood windows can be anywhere between $9,000 to $19,000, depending on the windows.

One Last Thought

Home renovation has recently become a trend among homeowners across Tampa Bay. Nonetheless, it helps to identify the additions that will add the most value to your existing home to look outstanding among prospective buyers.