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In an Era of Social Distancing and Quarantines, Large Windows Are Making a Comeback

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After the initial surge in cases, a lot of people relaxed about the pandemic, assuming it would not last long. The experts have always said there would be a second wave, and that wave seems to be coming right on schedule. With cases once more on the rise, people are going to be staying home […]

Three More Reasons to Invest in Impact Windows

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Impact windows are vitally important to Florida homes. Our hurricane season lasts from June through November, and during that time you will experience some hard storms and heavy winds. With impact windows you’ll be able to protect your home and family, but there are actually other benefits to impact windows. Here are a few. Energy […]

How Impact Windows Help You Save on Energy Costs

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If your Florida home was built before 2004, it may have single-pane or double-pane windows rather than impact windows. However, there is a reason that Florida started requiring impact windows on new construction in 2004. Impact windows are a necessary precaution for Florida where hurricanes and severe weather with high winds is normal. Although impact […]

Benefits and Advantages of Impact Windows


Florida is a great place to live, with sandy beaches and plenty of sunny cloud-free days, but Florida also gets a lot of severe weather, particularly tropical storms and hurricanes. Because of this, homes need some added layers of protection. One of those layers should be impact windows.  There are many advantages and benefits to […]