5 Essential Organization and Storage Tips for Small Spaces


5 Clever Organization and Storage Tips for Small Spaces

Living in small houses or apartments certainly has its perks. For example, you can save on rental expenses while living in a small house or apartment. However, one of the many drawbacks of living in small spaces is that you don’t have enough room to store everything you need. Don’t worry, though, because you only need to be creative with organizing your small room or apartment. Check these five brilliant organizations and storage tips for small spaces.

Make Use of Pegboard Organizers

Living in small spaces means that occupants have limited floor spaces. You have a solution, though. Consider storing things vertically to maximize your storage space. Using pegboards will help you leverage wall space by providing functional space to store your items. A single pegboard will help you keep tons of things without compromising your floor space.

Use Corner Shelves

Utilizing your wall space with things like pegboards is a brilliant idea. However, don’t forget about the corners. Having some small shelves in all the corners will give you plenty of storage options to organize items like books or some of the things in your bedroom or kids’ room. You can have some floating shelves at the corners of your rooms to store your office and bedroom items all in a single space. With corner shelves, you don’t need multiple shelves all over the walls to keep your office and bedroom items.

Have An Utility Cart

This is another creative idea that will help you maximize space in every room of your small house. Your bedroom, craft space, bathroom, or kitchen will benefit from a utility cart. The advantage of using a utility cart is that you really don’t need to store your office items in the middle of the office room if you have an office room in your small house. You only need to put the office items in the utility cart and then wheel the cart into any corner of the house. A utility cart will help you store tons of things in the most convenient places without congesting or disorganizing your house.

Storage Tips: Have a Tool Closet

These organization and storage tips for small spaces work marvelously for those who lack a garage. Smaller living spaces mean no garage. Nevertheless, you could be wondering what to do if you are a crafter and yet you have no ample space to keep your tools. That’s a call for creativity. Having a tool closet can come in handy when storing tools in small spaces. You don’t have to purchase a tool closet since you can make a simple DIY tool closet. The closet will save you the burden of storing your tools while living in small spaces. You can also create some simple DIY shelves to keep your tools. DIY tool closets and shelves are pretty easy to make. Neither do they cost much, although they will provide you with more storage options for your tools while living in a small home or apartment.

Install Wall Hooks For Organizing Your Jewelry

Wall hooks also help you maximize the vertical storage, giving you additional wall space to keep and organize your jewelry. This idea is excellent because you have tons of options for buying hooks, and you can make hooks fit into almost any style of décor you have in your small home. Moreover, it offers you a fun way of sprucing up your small room while giving you some extra storage space for your jewelry.

One Last Thought to Consider

Yes, there is no doubt living in small spaces can have its fair share of drawbacks, especially when it gets to organization and storage. Nonetheless, you can embrace some creative ways to maximize the available space in your small home or apartment. Just be creative and consider your organization and storage needs.