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Hurricane preparedness

Above all, because Hurricane season is always upon us, Hurricane preparedness and protection should be on top of people’s minds in Florida. All Phase Building Concepts provides top-quality products that are important to us and our clients. All Phase Building Concepts offers Hurricane Shutters installation in Clearwater, Fl. and surrounding areas. We service Hernando, Pasco & Pinellas counties

Our client’s choice in hurricane shutters for Hurricane Preparedness is Fenetex Hurricane Screens. Fenetex hurricane screens protect your home from the effects of hurricane force wind, yet, they can also protect your home from insects and the harsh sun. As a result, people in the Tampa Bay area are purchasing fabric based hurricane screens instead of metal hurricane shutters.

  • Lightweight
  • See-Through
  • Cost Savings
  • Removable
  • Minimal Visual Impact on your Home
  • No Maintenance

Hurricane Screens

Why are people buying these screens for Hurricane Preparedness as their preferred hurricane protection product? There are many products out in the world to choose from and claim to be the best for Hurricane Preparedness. We choose to use Fenetex Hurricane Screens and this is our reasons why:

Fenetex Hurricane screens are made from the same material as bullet-proof vests and as a result, are stronger than steel. The Hurricane Screens are not only impenetrable in winds up to 200mph, they also double as shade screens to protect from the sun’s harsh rays. Come rain or shine, these screens provide year-round protection.


Fenetex hurricane screens are certified by Miami-Dade and the State of Florida for use in the High Velocity Hurricane Zones. They manufacture the only fabric roll shutter that outperforms metal roll shutters, therefore, there screens last longer, withstand more, and serve more functions than any other company.


They use the toughest custom engineered components on the market to make there hurricane screens. Every unit is held to the highest standards and tested using the most rigorous methods available for hurricane protection products.


They manufacture there screens to fit precisely into any structure and resist the most intense wind load. Unlike with other inferior solutions, you can rest easy knowing that Fenetex screens never bag or sag. When you install a Fenetex screen, you’re installing the most customizable, strongest screen on the market.

OUT OF SIGHT (Retractable screens)

With the Fenetex system you don’t have to sacrifice the atmosphere of your patio to protect it. There screens blend seamlessly with your patio, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. After working closely with builders and architects on new construction projects, they created a system that can be designed to disappear completely from sight.


There’s no need to compromise when you can optimize. Fenetex Retractable Hurricane Screens can be paired with any of our insect, shade or weather screens into a single system. Each screen operates independently giving you what you want, when you need it.


The fabric hurricane screens are removable. While coupled with their unique construction, and with the optional integrated UV resistant covers, this will, in conclusion, allow the hurricane shutters to be stored outdoors. Most of all, they will visually blend into the home. Commercial and residential installations are available where permanent systems may be prohibited and where minimum visual impact is desired. As a result, these screens are the perfect solution for doors, windows and patios.

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