5 Kitchen Styles for Your Remodel


5 Ways to Remodel your Kitchen Style

A kitchen is among the most visited places in your house. It’s where you make food, have family dinner, and serve meals to your guests. That means, remodeling your kitchen is something that requires significant consideration. A good kitchen should be beautiful and not too cluttered. When remodeling your kitchen, you should consider the available space, type of home, and personal preferences. Let’s look at some popular ideas for kitchen styles.

L-Shaped Kitchen Styles

L-shaped kitchens utilize two adjacent walls at a right angle. They provide a more efficient way of space utilization. It’s an ideal layout for an open kitchen, which allows you to interact with guests as you cook. Plus, this design provides a better working triangle with a smooth flow from the oven, the sink, and the refrigerator. An L-shaped kitchen has two open ends that allow you to have entry and exit doors on both sides. That said, this design isn’t suitable for large kitchens since appliances may spread too far apart. It may also present challenges for multiple cooks to work.

One Wall Kitchen

This kitchen has cabinets on one side only. It’s ideal for tight spaces, small families, and people who want to minimize expenses. If the working area is too small, it can be challenging to accommodate more than two cooks at a time. This design is suitable for open kitchens, where you use one side for cooking and the other side for dining. In a setting where the space is somewhat limited, it might look too clustered. But if you have larger floor space, you can consider adding an island unit with cabinets for more storage.

Parallel Kitchen Layout

A parallel kitchen is a long, narrow kitchen with cabinets on both sides and a walkway at the center. Some people call it corridor kitchen or gallery. It provides more storage space than the one-wall kitchen. But it may lack enough space to set up an island. It’s an excellent choice for people who live in small apartments.

U-shaped Kitchen Styles

A U-shaped kitchen has three sides which provide more working space than the L-shaped and the parallel kitchens. The extra space allows more people to work in the kitchen simultaneously. If the fourth side of your kitchen is large, you can leave it as an open kitchen. Otherwise, you can have a door to make it a closed kitchen. This design may present challenges in accessing the corner cabinets.

Island Kitchen

An island kitchen has a free-standing unit in the middle of the kitchen. Some people use the island as a dining area, while others use it as an additional cooking space. Most island kitchens have drawers for extra storage. You can combine this design with any of the above layouts. But first, ensure you have sufficient space to allow free movement.

To Conclude

A kitchen layout is the first thing you decide on when remodeling your kitchen. Your design may depend on the position of windows, entry, and exit doors. A good kitchen design should have ample storage without consuming too much floor space. It should also be functional. To illustrate, one person should be able to cook while another is doing the dishes. In addition to the layout, you’ll have to decide on building materials, types of cabinets, colors, and finishes for your kitchen.