Why You Should Start Your Kitchen Remodel Now in Preparation for the Holidays

Kitchen in Modern Home

Have you been considering a kitchen remodel? If so, you’re almost out of time to schedule and get it completed before the holidays. Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. You have just over a month to get ready for that big family dinner, which means your remodel should start now, and it should be performed by a company who can provide fast results.

How long does it take to do a kitchen remodel?

It can take as much as six to eight weeks to complete a kitchen remodel from start to finish. If you want your kitchen ready for Thanksgiving, you need to get started immediately and find a company who can rush the job without cutting corners and sacrificing quality. If you have a smaller kitchen, you might be able to get the whole thing done in about a month.

Picking out your favorites ahead of time

Hopefully, if you have been thinking about a remodel for a while, you already have some idea of the choices you want to make for your new kitchen. Color themes, cabinet types and locations, and appliance preferences should all be things you can provide on your first appointment with your kitchen remodeling expert. The more of these decisions you can make quickly or leave to the kitchen designer, the more time you can shave off of that 6-8 week timeframe.

Getting used to your new kitchen

Even if you designed everything about your kitchen, including where cabinets were located and what is in them, it can still take some time to get used to the layout of your new kitchen. It’s a good idea to be able to prepare at least one large meal in your new kitchen before the big day arrives. That means the remodel must be completed as quickly as possible.

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