4 Ideas for a Room Addition

Home gym room addition

Your home might have been perfect for your family when you bought it, but most families evolve over time and need more space. Even if you don’t really need another bedroom, adding another room to your home can be very beneficial for keeping everyone spread out during the day. Especially with everyone at home, having some extra space is not necessarily a bad thing. Here are four ways you might make excellent use of a room addition.

Family room

In another era family rooms were very common. Why not bring back the tradition? The point of these rooms is to bring the family together for activities. Today it is more common for families to have an entertainment room, but your room should include more than just electronics. Board games are making a comeback, and there are quite a few of them hitting the market every month. Bringing the family together can be extremely rewarding, and it will make the cost of the addition well worth it. 

Library, study, or den

Book lovers will spend many an hour in a well stocked home library. The best thing about having room added is that you have complete flexibility to create a space that gives you the peace of mind and comfort needed for serious reading or studying.

Home gym

This is a very inexpensive option for your room addition, because it’s not going to require a lot of electrical or plumbing. You can also save money by including only a few interior walls, creating the open space that most gym-goers prefer and are used to.

The supervised playroom

If you have young children, you could take advantage of the situation to make your life a little easier. One of the biggest problems with working from home, as most people are doing now, is balancing taking care of young children and being productive. Many daycares are closed or operating at limited capacity, taking away the support parents need to earn a living.

If you want an easy solution to this problem, set up a supervised playroom. Even the youngest of school age children are able to play in a room at home without an adult in the room every minute, even though you do have to keep a close eye. You can take advantage of the blank slate of your basement to create a unique playroom with an adjacent workroom for you and a window allowing you to maintain supervision without being actively distracted.

Not sure how a room addition might help your family? If you are getting cabin fever and everyone feels crowded, contact us today to discuss how we might be able to help.

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