5 Remodeling Ideas that Cut Energy Costs


5 Energy Efficient Remodeling Ideas

With a looming energy crisis worldwide, homeowners need to settle on effective remodeling solutions that reduce power consumption. This is because energy conservation is not only beneficial to the environment but also saves you a considerable amount of money. Thankfully, there are numerous effective home renovations tactics suitable for all types of homes. Keep reading and find out the top five best ways to augment your living style while cutting down on energy costs.

Set up Cool Roofs to Cut Energy Costs

Cool roofing is a technique where experts use reflective paints, shingles, tiles, or sheet covering to absorb minimal heat and reflect ample sunlight. Comparable to wearing bright-colored clothes in summer, cool roofs make the house less warm than other roofing materials. This comes in handy in extreme hot Tampa summers where ordinary roofs surpass 150°F. On the other hand, cool roofs under the same circumstances stay much cooler at an average of 50°F. Eventually, homeowners use minimal air conditioning, which saves money and energy as well. Other than that cool roof also benefits the entire environment by reducing air temperatures, power plant releases, and peak energy demands.

HVAC Annual Maintenance

Similar to your annual medical checkups, HVAC systems require fine-tuning to perform better and enhance longevity. In the process, qualified technicians seal leakages, clean ducts, change filters, check electrical connections, and many others. As a result, the entire unit runs optimally and capably, leading to minimal energy costs and improved air quality. Luckily, it is possible to monitor most air conditioning breakdowns through regular maintenance. On average, it costs around $ 100 for a comprehensive HVAC assessment. However, compared to an efficient functioning HVAC system, the maintenance cost is worth every coin.

Install Ceiling Fans to Cut Energy Costs

Using ceiling fans as a cooling substitute plays a significant role in cutting down utility expenses. It is arguable that ceiling fans still use electricity to run. Nonetheless, the consumption is significantly less compared to a standard cooling system. Given that fans use the same quantity of energy as light bulbs, it is possible for an average-sized house to save about 40% on summer energy costs and 10% in winter. To get the best out of ceiling fans, flip your fans anticlockwise in winter and vice versa during summer. Generally, fans work by pushing hot air upwards while sending cool air downwards. Remember that even if your house has a fully functioning HVAC system, it is prudent to add ceiling fans as an effective way of enjoying a similar experience at an affordable cost.

Window Treatments can Cut Energy Costs

Even if most constructors use this tactic for decorative purposes, window treatments are affordable and effective in cutting down energy costs. The main idea is to ensure that your house remains cool by blocking direct sunlight. You can use drapes, curtains, shutters, and blinds to achieve this. Also, layer your options to maximize the effect. In addition, you can leave the curtains closed for enhanced sustainability and style.

Add Energy Saving Landscaping

Not only does planting trees augment your curb appeal, but they also keep homes cool. According to a recent analysis by the United States Department of Agriculture, one healthy tree offers a similar effect to an average-sized air conditioner. The beauty of it all is that you do not have to spend a colossal amount of money maintaining your home in optimal temperatures. All said, avoid planting the trees very close to a house as the roots may damage the entire foundation.

A Final Thought

Sometimes, it can be a struggle for homeowners to settle on the most effective energy-saving option. In such a case, contact our qualified experts at All Phase Building Concepts and enjoy an entirely new experience at an affordable rate. Most impressive, enjoy free expert assessment for all remodeling and construction services.