Is It Cheaper To Build An Addition Up Or Out?


Building Up Vs. Building Out

If your home is in the perfect location but is not the perfect size, you are most likely thinking about building an addition. The two options you have are either building up or out on your existing home. While cost is always a consideration for a project of this size, you also want to consider the space you will gain before moving forward. Let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks when comparing building up vs. building out.

Cost of Building Up Vs. Building Out

According to HomeAdvisor, it typically costs between $80 and $200 per square foot whether you are building up or building out. It is usually a little less expensive to build up, but that comes with many conditions.

One main expense you will run into with building up is having to leave your current living space during the construction. The contractor is more than likely going to have to remove the existing roof. Building out leaves you dealing with disruption and dirt, but you can generally continue living in your home.

There are costs that will vary depending on what your contractor has to do. Building out will require excavation and a new foundation. Building up it will have to be ensured your existing foundation can support another story. Adding another story up will also require a staircase which will take up considerable space.

The only sure way to learn if putting an addition onto your home will cost less going out or up is to talk to your contractor about your needs. Talking to the experts at All Phase Building Concepts can help you come up with a remodel plan that is both cost and space-effective. Other factors will determine how to add more space to your home as well.

Know Your Zoning Rules

Before you choose whether to build up or build out, you need to check with your local zoning commission regarding setbacks and how close you can build to adjoining properties. Your city may also have regulations on high you can build. Your building project will have to be approved by the city before you begin construction. If they do not meet the restrictions, you will have options, but these will take the time that you may need to factor into your project.

Consider Property Size and Shape

How big your piece of property is and its shape are going to play a significant role in your decision to build an addition. In some situations, homeowners do not have a choice in going up or out as their lot or property size restricts their choice. You will also want to consider if any other improvements might be planned for your property, such as adding a swimming pool, before you use up all the space. If you really like having space in your yard and might want to make additions later, you should consider building up instead of out.

Consider Why You Want More Space

If your family is growing and you need to add bedrooms or baths, either choice of build-up or out are good. If you are looking to add more space for a playroom or recreational room, you might want to consider building out rather than up. Recreational rooms or playrooms on the ground floor have a better resale value if you should consider selling your home. The second floor is traditionally used for bedrooms and not a place where guests are entertained.

A Final Thought on Building Up or Building Out

All Phase Building Concepts is a licensed building contractor that offers you a one-stop solution for improving your home. Our professional, individual care will help you decide on the most cost and space-effective way to add more room to your home. Talk to one of our experts and let us help you make the best choice for your building addition.