Tips and Tricks For Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel


Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel: Save Your Sanity

The plans have been finalized, the materials have been picked out and ordered, the date is set.  There is only one thing left to do- prepare your home!  Getting your home ready for a kitchen remodel is no simple task.  It takes time and a bit of effort.  However, if you know just what to do and how to do it, your home will be remodel ready. You are prepared for the inconvenience, but anyone who has undergone kitchen remodels can attest that there is no accounting for the unknown or the stress that may ensue. With these tips and tricks for surviving your kitchen remodel, it may just save your sanity too!

Tell the neighbors about your remodel

If you are planning a larger job that may be creating excess noise, additional construction vehicles, and contractors coming in and out of your neighborhood, you may want to let your neighbors know, especially if you are in a gated community or if the homes are closer together.  A little conversation can alleviate the possibility of complaints down the road.

Create a Temporary Kitchen

The biggest headache with a kitchen remodel is the lack of use you will have in your kitchen.  To alleviate this issue, you can easily create a temporary kitchen.  Make space in a dining room or family room for a table or two.  Utilize small electrics for dinner.  A crockpot or hot plate can be you and your family’s best friend during a kitchen remodel.  Your grill can be put to work too! You can grill nearly anything like pizza, vegetables, and foil packets all make for good grilling meals. Another useful item could be a small fridge for storing necessities.  The idea is to simplify so focus on the necessities.

Clean Out Kitchen Cabinets

You will need to clean out all of your cabinets prior to a kitchen remodel.  This is a great way to get rid of anything outdated or give away items you don’t use anymore.  You should get some clear plastic bins to store your items in so you can easily see and find them and when in a covered bin, they will not collect dust or debris from the remodeling process.  Pick an out-of-the-way yet accessible place to store items you may still need.  A dining room is a great place to house your kitchen cabinet contents during the remodel.

Stock Up On Disposables

Let’s face it; most of us can’t go out to eat every night.  To reduce some of the stress in preparing food and eating in a temporary kitchen, you should stock up on disposable dinnerware.  Paper plates and bowls and plastic utensils and cups will be very welcoming during a remodel when you have limited access to a sink or dishwasher.  If you are concerned about the environment and aren’t too keen on disposables, there are many recycled and biodegradable options available at your grocery store.

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t have to be stressful.  If you plan in advance and properly prepare your home, you will be able to live worry-free while the kitchen of your dreams is being created. Keeping the entire home remodeling process in perspective will help you survive while you await the kitchen of your dreams. All Phase Building Concepts is a licensed general contractor servicing Palm Harbor to Brooksville and has been providing quality remodeling and new construction since 1998. Call today for your kitchen remodeling project!