What Is the Hurricane Protection Package, and Why Should You Have It?

polycarbonate hurricane shutters

polycarbonate hurricane shuttersAlthough Florida is a seasonably warm state, it is prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. It is a good idea to be fully prepared for such an eventuality well in advance. As soon as you move to the area or buy a new house, you should be considering hurricane protection. 

We offer a hurricane protection package that will help you be prepared for the next tropical storm or hurricane. The hurricane protection package may include elements such as impact windows, hurricane shutters, or hurricane screens.

Impact Windows

Impact windows are windows that are made with impact resistant glass. These windows are often the only protection you need in a hurricane. The windows prevent objects from breaking the window and entering your home where it can do damage or harm.

Hurricane Shutters

The most traditional way to protect yourself in a hurricane or tropical storm is with hurricane shutters. These are metal shutters that are put up at the first sign of a storm and are taken down when the storm is over. The metal shutters are made to fit your specific windows. These shutters effectively protect your home from debris.

Hurricane Fabric Screens

Many people are starting to move away from hurricane shutters and go with fabric screens. The hurricane screens have been shown to be as effective as hurricane shutters, but they are much more aesthetic. They can also be installed so that they can be easily removed or pulled down so that they do not detract from the look of your home when a storm is not in sight.

If you are interested in hurricane protection for your home, contact us today for more information.


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