Upgrades You Should Consider While Renovating or Adding a Home Office

colonial hurricane shutters

The pandemic has led to a telecommuting revolution. Even though there have been more people working from home in the last five years than ever before, the pandemic has made remote work the new norm. In response many homeowners are renovating or adding onto their home to make room for a home office. Here are some upgrades you should consider while you’re creating the perfect work space.

Impact Windows

If you are renovating your home, it could be a good time to replace your old windows with impact windows. Impact windows not only protect you during severe weather, they also lower your energy bills and homeowners insurance, as well as having other benefits. If you’re already going to be replacing the windows in one part of the house, this is a good time to just replace all of them with impact windows.

If you are adding a room onto your home, you’re going to need to choose windows. If you’re not able to match your windows in the rest of the house, you should replace all of the windows for a uniform look. And if you’re going to do that anyway, you should really invest in impact windows.

Hurricane Shutters

While you’re making changes to your home, it could also be a good time to think about hurricane shutters. If you aren’t ready to replace the rest of the windows in your home, but have installed impact windows in the new room, you can add hurricane shutters. These shutters can be removed or put up when necessary to protect your home from storms. You don’t want to leave them up all the time, though, because they definitely take away from the aesthetic of your home.

If you want a different option, we also offer hurricane screens. These are sturdy like hurricane shutters but do not have to be completely taken down when not in use. The screens can be pushed up for storage above the window and pulled down only when a storm is expected. They also look much better than hurricane shutters. 

If you are looking for home renovations or adding a room, we can assist you with these projects and assess your window needs at the same time. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an estimate.

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