Signs You Need to Replace the Windows in Your Home

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How old are your windows? If you aren’t sure when the windows were installed in your home, it might be worth it to determine if you need to replace them. Windows need to be replaced about every 15 to 20 years. Here are some signs that you need to replace your windows.

You Hear Outside Noises

If you are hearing a lot of outside noises, the windows in your home are probably pretty old. Older windows often have thinner glass, which means that you hear more from the outside. As windows age, these sounds can become louder.

You Feel a Draft

Do you feel a draft even when the window is closed? This is a sign that the window needs to be replaced. The glass could be loose in the frame, or the frame itself may be giving way.

Damaged Window Frames

If your window frames have suffered water damage, have become soft, or have become chipped, you probably need to replace them with new windows.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

Windows that are difficult to open and close are swollen in their frames and need to be replaced before they break.

If you are interested in determining if your windows need to be replaced, you can contact us anytime to schedule a window inspection and estimate. 

We highly suggest that if you do need to replace your windows, that you do so with impact windows. Some of the benefits of impact windows include:

  • Energy cost savings
  • Better interior temperature control
  • Safety during tropical storms and hurricanes
  • More sound proof

If you are interested in seeing impact windows for yourself, contact us today to schedule a time for us to come out and give you an estimate and presentation.


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