7 Energy Conserving Tips to Get Your Home Ready for a Hot Florida Summer


Help Make your Florida Home Energy Efficient this Summer

If you have experienced living in Florida during the summer, then you know how hot and treacherous those months can be. Whether you have lived in Florida for quite some time or are new to the state, there are some ways to save energy that you should be aware of to get your home ready for the months ahead. Continue reading to learn how you can be prepared.

Change Air Filters to Save Energy

One of the most effective ways to save on energy costs and keep your home cool is to change the air filters frequently. It is recommended to check these filters at least once every 30 days. These filters keep contaminants out of your furnace. When the filters become clogged, this results in your HVAC unit running more frequently and for longer.

Clean Bathroom and Kitchen Ventilation Fans

Cleaning the ventilation fans in your kitchen and bathroom is commonly overlooked. To keep air flowing through these fans properly, they must be cleaned frequently. It is recommended to clean the bathroom fan every 30 days and the kitchen fans every 60 days. If ventilation fans become clogged with things such as hair, dust, or grease from the kitchen, they will not properly vent out the hot air. This will then lead to your AC unit working harder and potentially a moldy and mildewy environment.

Save Energy with a Smart Thermostat

There are many reasons why a smart thermostat will not only save you money but also keep your home cool, all summer long. A smart thermostat allows you to optimize the settings of your system when you are home and while you are not home. Along with this, a smart thermostat allows you to adjust your settings remotely.

Professional Tune-up

Getting your HVAC system professional cleaned and tuned up can save you a lot of money and allow for your AC to run more efficiently. Professional tune-ups also reduce the overall strain of your HVAC system because repair expenses are reduced due to regular maintenance.

Boost Insulation

Insulation is known to be one of the best ways to keep your Florida home cool during those hot summer months. Given that your home is probably already insulated, extra insulation in certain areas is greatly beneficial.

Cover Windows to Save Energy

Even if you have the best-working HVAC system, the sun beaming through your windows will make your home warm. One way to avoid this is to install a reflective film on the windows. Another option is to install blackout curtains which will also keep the home cool.

Operate Thermostat Correctly

Being comfortable in your home is a top priority. It is important to note that the larger the difference between the outdoor and indoor temperature, the higher your energy bill will be. Keeping your home in a warmer setting when you are out of town is a great way to conserve energy and save money. Lastly, avoid turning the AC setting super low when you are feeling warm. This will not make your home cool down at a faster pace and will result in unnecessary expenses.

To Conclude

There are many ways to keep your home cool during the heat of the summer. Some of these are simpler than others but maybe try one method at a time and see how it goes. You never know, you could end up saving a considerable amount by changing one small habit.