Eco-Friendly Home Remodeling


How We Keep Our Home Renovations Eco-Friendly

Supporting eco-friendly practices is essential to many homeowners, and we make it a priority here at All Phase Building Concepts. Home renovations are already gentler on the environment than having a new home constructed to fit your vision. Instead, you’re working with the home that you already live in to achieve your goals as a homeowner. But when you work with All Phase, we’ll go a few steps further to ensure that your home renovation project is as eco-friendly as possible. 

Sustainable Materials

Environmentally-friendly renovation projects focus on sustainable and domestic materials. Sustainable materials can be recyclable, non-toxic, or made from recycled or organic materials. Post-industrial or post-consumer recycled components may be included in recycled construction materials. When you choose recycled materials for your renovation project, you’ll be reducing the emissions produced during the manufacturing process for conventional building materials. 


Cork, bamboo, wood, straw bale, repurposed stone, and recycled steel are good examples of sustainable materials in home renovation. 

Domestically-Sourced Materials

Domestically-sourced materials are the more eco-friendly option when compared to internationally-sourced materials. Many prefer industrial materials because they often come at lower costs. But to get international materials shipped to your home for construction, a lot of transportation is required. Whether transported by plane, ship, or truck, international materials will lead to more emissions released into the environment. So by opting for domestic materials, it’s possible to cut down on emissions and help the fight against global warming.  

Repurposed Materials

Whenever repurposed items and materials are used in home renovations, it leads to less waste in landfills. Many homeowners love the look that thoughtfully-chosen repurposed items, like cabinets, walls, and flooring, give to their homes. As an extra perk, repurposed materials are more affordable than new materials and can cut down the overall cost of your home renovation. 


At All Phase Building Concepts, we’re doing our part to care for the environment by adopting eco-friendly home renovation practices. To learn more about our home renovation services, contact us today.